A stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, Galerie Lissier is a family business specializing in the purchase, sale and expertise of Tapestries, Carpets, Kilims and Ancient and also contemporary Textiles.

We work for private clients, antique dealers also French and international decorators. 

In our Traditional Restoration-Conservation and Cleaning Workshop, we carry out Restoration-Conservation and Traditional Cleaning works to protect your heritage. 

It is a great pleasure to welcome you in our showroom in Paris 7th arrondissement, where we present a sublime collection and also our know-how.


The ancient tapestry "from the 15th to the 19th century"
Aubusson - Brussels - Flemish - Gobelins, etc...
You have crossed them at the turn of a museum, a castle or in an unexpected place, the tapestries stand on the walls like large murals. Tapestry is an ornamental textile work for wall decoration and furnishing. Its history dates back to ancient times. The remains discovered in the Coptic tombs of Egypt attest to the use of this art from the 3rd century (making small pieces for the ornament of clothes). In the Middle Ages, tapestries took on larger dimensions and were woven to dress the walls of large houses and churches. Used to isolate interiors from noise, cold and adapted by their mobile character to the roaming of princely courts, they are also used as ephemeral decor during religious festivals or civil ceremonies. The tapestries are considered as objects of great luxury: they are part of the most precious pieces of the collections of the sovereigns and contribute to affirm the power of their owners. Sometimes enriched with metallic threads of gold and silver, these woven coins can constitute monetary reserves, but also very popular diplomatic gifts.

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The Modern & Contemporary Tapestry
"from the 20th to the 21st century" 

Contemporary artists create cardboard for them to be made in tapestry.
We speak then of cartonniers artists who, the drawing made on a commission or a personal work, make execute their works by liciers of manufactures of tapestries like those of Aubusson or independent workshops.
Some artists like Josep Grau-Garriga have managed to evolve the tapestry into another world: from a figurative tapestry it has passed to a tapestry in relief and abstract to go to a tapestry-sculpture (or three-dimensional tapestry). Grau-Garriga learned tapestry in 1958 from Jean Lurçat. He considered that to be a true work of art, the tapestry had to be created and woven by the artist himself, as was the case for André Barreau (creator-straightener). At the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and the Academy of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts in Tournai, there is still a tapestry workshop where student-artists can take advantage of high-licenced and low-licenced trades for their own creation


European Rug & Carpet 

Oriental carpets began to appear in Europe following the Crusades in the 11th century. Until the middle of the 18th century, they were mainly used as wall ornaments and on tables

Old French Rug & carpets

When the French production of hand-knotted carpets began in 1608, at the initiative of Henry IV, it was the Turkish carpets that served as a model. So we used the symmetrical node.
In 1628 the production was moved to an abandoned soap factory near Paris, hence the name Savonnerie. The oldest carpets made at the Savonnerie are often called Louis XIII carpets, which is somewhat misleading since they were made during the regency years of the reign of Louis XIV. Carpets were densely decorated with flowers, often in vases or baskets, but there were also military motifs and architectural elements. The motifs were borrowed from textiles and paintings from Holland and Flanders.

Contemporary or Modern Rug & Carpet

Contemporary artists create boxes for them to be made in carpets, we speak then of artists cartonniers who, the drawing made on a commission or a personal work, have their works executed by liciers of carpet manufactures as independent workshops.


European Rug & Carpet


Oriental rug & Carpet

In Egypt, China or among the Maya peoples, the technique of hand knotting was discovered almost at the same time. The main purpose of the nomads who created carpets was to protect themselves from the cold. They lined their tents with coverings that were softer and warmer than simple animal skins. The transition from utilitarian object to real art object is actually quite recent, even if research has shown that the carpet was already considered a rare and artistic object almost twenty centuries ago.

Persian Rugs

By tradition, Persia has always been considered the country of carpet craftsmanship. The history of the oriental carpet is thus inseparable from that of the Persian kingdom and its various fortunes. After World War II, more and more carpets began to be exported to Europe, which became a very important source of income for Iran. Guarantee of quality, strict legislation, regulation of materials and prohibition of mechanical trades created a solid base for an even more intense development. Following the oil boom of 1970, several factories were established in different regions of the country. Faced with this industrialization, the prices of hand-knotted carpets increased considerably, improving the economic situation of Iran. Nowadays, the prices of Persian rugs are no longer competitive; other Eastern countries indeed provide carpets of almost equal quality to Iran. The Persian carpet nevertheless retains all its charm, prestige and mystery among collectors.


The cushions entirely handmade in French tapestry

The Atelier de Galerie Lissier offers a sublime collection of cushion entirely handmade in Tapestry or French fabric from the 16th to the 20th century also in Kilim 19th century

Our range of cushions create in the gallery workshop Lissier entirely handmade in French tapestry and fabrics, Velvet will seduce you with its quality finishes. Historic, modern or even contemporary, each model of this family will bring elegance and refinement to your rooms. All kinds of models are offered: square, round, trendy, or classic cushions, we strive to present covers of different styles.
Art lovers looking for interior design accessories will certainly appreciate our wide selection of cushions. These upholstery cushions are particularly popular to highlight a room by bringing an artistic and elegant touch. To guarantee you a pleasant comfort. If you like art representing the floral universe, you will find exceptional pieces. The woven flowers are of great elegance, these cushions will bring a refined touch to the room and the furniture on which they are placed. The raw materials used in the weaving of our cushions are pieces of tapestry from the 16th to the 20th century, Fabric, Kilim and velvet.


Framed Tapestry | Tapestry Painting

Are you looking for a unique and completely handmade decorative art object?
Galerie Lissier is very pleased to present a sublime selection of old tapestry paintings signed Aubusson framed in solid wood or gilded wood. Here you will find the best unique or personalized pieces from around the world. Each model in this family will bring elegance and refinement to your rooms.
Artisanal Restoration-Conservation and Traditional Cleaning Workshop

Carpets, Tapestries and Textiles, also Kilim, trim, textile, etc. Old, Modern or Contemporary

Word of Expert: "Thanks to our know-how transmitted from father to son as a heritage for three generations, we give a second life to old, modern and also contemporary tapestries which normally need maintenance every ten years, to give them a long life.
Thanks to our know-how transmitted from father to son as a heritage for three generations, we give a second life to old, modern and also contemporary tapestries which need maintenance normally every ten years, to give them a long life..."

Word of Director Workshop: "Handmade Artisanal work is a true love story that binds us to the art of tapestry and gives us the courage to clean and restore them by hand as has been doing it for centuries."

Tapestry Old, Modern and Contemporary Tapestry  Carpet Cleaning

Traditional cleaning at Galerie Lissier is done by hand from A to Z

A typical treatment consists of five phases:

- Dusting
- Stain removal (If Your carpet has been stained by wine, coffee or your pet or etc.;)
- Traditional hand wash with 100% organic products
- Gentle rinsing
- Spin and dry without using heaters to protect the work and our environment
- Lining of the tapestries with hand-sewn linen canvas

Cleaning from €16 per M²

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Repair service:

The restoration consists in reweaving its worn or missing parts identically, favoring appearance and aesthetics, after washing, in the presence of the owner of the work, we will examine the damaged, torn or worn parts. After having checked the artwork by our expert and our workshop manager, two quotes will be offered to the owner of the artwork; one for restoration, and others for conservation, once the owner makes up his mind we will start repairing the woven artwork using wool or silk, thanks to three generations of know-how, this is for that we can have the satisfaction of our customers forever.

At Galerie Lissier, the first place belongs to saving its magnificent works of art that they have been in this world for already several centuries and will also be even after us, and the second place belongs to the satisfaction of our customers; as Harry Gordon Selfridge says: "THE CUSTOMER IS KING", and after all, the profit for these operations which take a lot of time and energy from our artisan team who work with their hearts.

  • Expertise and valuation of ancient and contemporary tapestry
Emmanuel ANDRE: Manager of the Galerie Lissier

Expertise and valuation of tapestry, ancient and contemporary

A team of specialized experts will assist you in estimating and selling your tapestries and antique rugs:
- Estimation of your textile assets with a view to sharing or up-to-date market value
- Expertise before or after disaster at the request of individuals or insurance companies.
- Expertise and support for auctions and/or private sales.
You will receive within 24 hours an objective, confidential and non-binding estimate, based on the results of auctions of similar properties.


Carpet & Kilim Cleaning from
16/ m2
  • Traditional cleaning of Aubusson rugs and also Collection rugs at Galerie Lissier in Paris
Expertise & Estimate
Freeby picture
  • Expertise & Estimate of old and contemporary Tapestry and Collection Carpets by approved expert
Upholstery Cleaningfrom
50 / m2
  • Traditional old and contemporary upholstery cleaning at Galerie Lissier
Tapestry Restorationfrom
  • Restoration and Conservation Workshop of Old and Contemporary Tapestry in Paris

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Une note de 4.7 sur 5 sur la base de 372 avis 

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Mr. Alexandre de Barrau :

J’ai découvert de professionnel et passionné par son métier. J’ai eu de très bon conseils et je compte revenir dès que j’ai besoin. Je recommande cet atelier autant pour le lavage, la réparation, et le très bon accueil . J’ai récupéré ma tapisserie verdure Aubusson, à laquelle je tenais beaucoup; le résultat est impeccable, ma Tapisserie a retrouvé ses couleurs initiales, mais cerise sur le gâteau le prix est tout à fait correct et beaucoup moins cher que plusieurs maisons contactées .

Mme. Juliette de Paris :

Un lieu magnifique et un savoir-faire incroyable. Très grands professionnels qui ont su prendre en charge une broderie ancienne pour nettoyage et démitage. Par ailleurs, excellent accueil de la part des 2 experts presentes sur place. Je recommande totalement cette entreprise pour achat, vente, expertise aussi tout travaux de restauration et de nettoyage.
Merci beaucoup pour votre travail. Au plaisir de vous revoir...

Mr. Pascal Roy :

Je connais ce magasin depuis des années et n'hésite jamais à y passer quand je suis dans le quartier. Le propriétaire, d'une gentillesse et d'une humilité rare, connait l'histoire de chacune de ses tapisseries et me fait voyager par ses récits. Certaines pièces rares sont à découvrir impérativement. Que ce soit pour un conseil, une réparation ou un achat, j'ai toujours été enchanté par le professionnalisme des responsables.

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